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Botanical eyelash formula for maximum lash development


Padina is a botanical formulation that nourishes your eyelashes with all natural ingredients -herbal and mineral specifically targeted for maximum lash development. Eyes and lashes being the focal point of one's facial beauty, Padina's botanical formula has no harmful side effects and naturally enhances lash strength, length, luster and develops more numerous lashes. Padina helps to protect lashes from constant chemical attacks from mascaras and other harmfull artificial eyelash conditioners and is thus used and relished by many celebrities and models are under constant make-up changes.

5 points to natural eyelash growth enhancement and beauty.

1. Skin Penetration Action– Process (nano blending) by which the blend of herbs and minerals is especially treated for quick and total penetration and absorption through the skin. Padina's liquid is lightly sticky allowing more time to penetrate before drying up.

2. Subcutaneous– Many of the herbs are specifically selected to fertilize the under skin area where the eyelash roots and bulbs get their nutrition and multiply to give more bulbs and create more numerous lashes than before.

3. Roots– Four herbs are especially targeting the development of longer and wider roots to enable good circulation and full development of the eyelash.

4. Bulb or Follicular Papillia– Three herbs are dedicated to growing the eyelash bulb. It is important to have bigger bulbs so that the eyelash does not pull out easily and the longer the eyelash stays put, the stronger and longer they grow.

5. Eyelash -hair/lash part– The eyelash hair quality itself is enhanced by the action of well- known Peptides and other secret herbs that make the lash supple and shiny.
Eyebrows will also be enhanced if applied.

How To Use Padina:
Cleanse and dry eyelash area thoroughly.
Apply Padina's brush to the area above the eyelashes, like an eyeliner      application.
Growing phase= repeat everyday for about 4 to 6 weeks until desired      length and looks 
are achieved. 

Maintenance phase= requires only one application every 2 to 3 days. Life cycle = eyelashes last normaly for 4 to 6 weeks and average 10      days more with

Padina eyelash conditioner.
One bottle will last more than 3 months when used as suggested..
 Eyelash extensions = Safe to use with your eyelash extension        because there are no 
chemicals in our botanical formula which has no  reaction with any glue.

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